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Welcome to the Askham Bryan website.

The aim of this website is to provide the residents of Askham Bryan with information about their community. It provides information on the activity of the Parish Council, St Nicholas' Church, village events as well as other information that should be of interest.

We also welcome your suggestions. If you think there's something further we could include. Please contact us via the 'contact us' page.

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For the Latest Draft Minutes, please scroll down:

Askham Bryan Parish Council

Meeting to be held on Thursday 20 February 2020 at Askham Bryan Village Hall at 7pm.


1. To receive and approve where requested apologies for absence
2. To receive any declarations of interest not already declared under the council’s code of conduct or
members Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and to receive and consider any applications
for dispensation.
3. Public Participation
4. To approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 16 th January 2020
5. Planning Matters

i. Planning Applications Received
None since the last meeting
ii. Planning Decision Notices Received
19/02121/FUL - OS Field 5840 To West Of Westwood Lane - Erection of agricultural
storage building - refused

6. To receive the North Yorkshire Police Crime Report
7. Ward Councillor’s Report
8. Other Matters
8.1 To consider a response to the consultation on the proposed amendments to the traffic
regulation order on Mill Lane introducing restricted parking.
8.2 To consider plans for commemorating the 75 th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day
and to set up a working party as necessary.
8.3 To consider the Parish Council’s position regarding the Copmanthorpe roundabout
improvements noting comments from residents
8.4 To consider a budget for the printing of leaflets advertising the quiz and to ask for dog
owners to be considerate.
9. To consider financial issues as below
9.1 Bank Reconciliation – report on current finances
9.2 Report of invoices to be paid. The following carried forward from the previous agenda:
£20,151.60 for the purchase of the land including £14,000 purchase price plus associated
fees for land registry and searches. £385 to the Yorkshire Local Councils Associations for
(£360 Spring conference training, £15 webinar), Clerk’s Expenses (100 Second Class
postage stamps £61, land registry searches £6), Society of Local Council Clerks annual
subscription (pro-rata) £26.58, Clerk’s Salary 01/10/19 to 31/01/20.
The following new items: Clerk’s Salary for 1 st to 31 st January plus deductions payable to
HMRC. Next day delivery postage £10.92, signing in book 49p.
9.3 Update the signatories on the bank account.
9.4 Approval of payment of expenses of £311.50 to a resident who has spent money on the
play area. Hydraulic breaker hire £58.08 + VAT, Chair seat £91.50 + VAT, two bags of
aggregate at £55 + VAT each

10. To consider Correspondence received by the Clerk since the last meeting and agree further action
where necessary (21-32)
11. Dates of future meetings for 2020: 
19 March, 16 April, 21 May, 18 June, 16 July, 20 August, 17 September, 15 October and 19

Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel


Meeting to be held on Thursday 20 February 2020 at Askham Bryan Village Hall following the

Parish Council meeting

1. To approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 16 th January 2020
2. Financial Report.
3. Purchase of the Village Play Area. To consider a resolution that the Stone and gravel charity
trustees now surrender all title and role for the play area following completion of the sale of land.

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Draft Minutes:

MINUTES of a meeting of the PARISH COUNCIL
held on Thursday 16 th January 2020 at 7pm at the Village Hall.
PRESENT: Councillor Andrew Steele (Chair)
Councillors Darryn Mitchell, Kirsty Smahon, Mark Walker, Simon Peers
In attendance: Two residents, Ward Cllr. Anne Hook and the locum Clerk.
1 APOLOGIES: Cllrs. Hopwood and Smith.
Two members of the public were present, no issues were raised.
It was noted the report of the public participation suggested that the bonfire night event was oversubscribed. In
fact the event organisers had exercised appropriate controls and had kept entry to the event within the agreed
numbers. It was resolved that subject to this clarification, the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council
(PC) held on 21 st November 2019 having been circulated, be approved and that the Chair be authorised to
a. Planning Applications Received
The following application had been received since the previous meeting.
i. 19/02500/TCA – Fairlawn, 127 Main Street - Fell Poplar tree in a Conservation Area
The PC had no objections to the above and the Clerk had replied using his delegated authority.
b. Planning Decision Notices Received
The following decisions were noted;
i. 19/02260/TCA - Park Farm, 95 Main Street - Fell Cobnut, crown reduce and thin Cherry in a Conservation Area –
ii. 19/01769/FUL - Old School House, 3 Main Street Askham - Erection of 1no. single storey dwelling house with
associated works – refused
iii. 19/02358/TCA - 109 Main Street - Fell Damson tree in a Conservation Area - approved
iv. 19/02327/FUL - Sequoia House 4 Main Street - Single storey side extension after demolition of existing garage -
v. 19/02500/TCA – Fairlawn, 127 Main Street - Fell Poplar tree in a Conservation Area - approved
The report was received showing that there were no reported crimes in the Parish in December.
Ward Cllr. Hook reported that her next leaflet would raise awareness of a hearing on the City of York Council
budget and to note the consultations taking place. She reported on a project looking at innovative methods of
transport and had asked that the villages in her area be considered. Ward Cllr. Hook also reported on success
in tackling dog-fouling in a neighbouring village. She had been pressing for extra litter bins and one by the
college was awaited.
8.1 Bonfire Night Event. A letter had been received regarding the bonfire night event (as
reported in the public participation in the minutes of the November meeting). The Chair had
drafted a reply and feedback had been received from other Councillors. The Chair stressed
that that the Parish Council would endeavour to discuss mitigation with the event organisers
but had no statutory powers to act or make demands. It was resolved to send the
suggested letter, all in favour.
8.2 Voting representative for the Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (YLCA). The
Clerk would find out whether it was possible for voting by proxy.
8.3 Grievance and Disciplinary Policies. It was resolved to adopt grievance and disciplinary
policies following the National Association of Local Councils template.
8.4 YLCA Webinar on Lawful Agendas and Minutes. Cllr. Steele had attended this training
event and reported that the training reinforced advice given by the YLCA in previous
meetings. A copy of the PowerPoint slides would be circulated to all.
8.5 Annual Parish Meeting. It was agreed that the Annual Parish Meeting would be held on
21 st May 2020 at 7pm in the Village hall.
8.6 Purchase of waders. Cllr. Mitchell reported that he had received three quotes for
purchase of waders for the purposes of maintenance of the pond. Prices varied from £29.99
to £79.99, the prices reflecting the quality of the product. It was resolved to accept a
quotation of £59.95 and that Cllr. Mitchell be authorised to purchase the waders, all in
9.1 Bank Reconciliation. The Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) reported that the bank
balance as of 10 th January 2020 was £23,364.91.
9.2 Anticipated payments. The RFO presented a list of payments. It was noted that the sale
of the play area land has been completed and the total cost was £20,151.60 for the
purchase of the land including £14,000 purchase price plus associated fees for land
registry and searches. The unspent part of the grant could be used for revenue expenses.
Other anticipated payments were noted and cheques would be raised at the February
meeting when two signatories would be present. There was a query regarding the payment
due to the YLCA for three delegates attending the Spring conference training, the RFO
would check whether Askham Bryan meets the criteria for a smaller parish and therefore
eligible for discount.
9.3 Bank signatories. It was resolved that Cllr. Peers be a signatory on the bank account, all
in favour.
9.4 Consideration and approval of budget for 2020-21. The RFO presented a suggested
budget taking into account discussions from the November meeting. It was suggested that
the Clerk handover period be paid for from reserves. Changes to other items were also
suggested including the budget for play area maintenance, pond maintenance and the cost
of maintaining the recreational area. Regarding the latter, further quotes would be sought.
9.5 Precept for 2020-21. Based on the above budget figures, it was resolved that the agreed
precept for 2021-21 be £9,265, all in favour. A band D property would thus pay £44.44 per
year which was below the national average, this was an increase of 61p per week per band
D household.
A list of correspondence received since the last meeting (items 11-20) had been circulated and the contents
The dates of PC meetings for 2020 were noted as follows; 20 February, 19 March, 16 April, 21 May, 18 June,
16 July, 20 August, 17 September, 15 October and 19 November.
The meeting closed at 8pm

Door to Door Cold Callers

The following message has been issued by North Yorkshire Community Messaging:

Cold Calling is on the rise in and around York. Groups of people are travelling into our area, claiming to be bona fide pedlars and are showing identification to claim this. The permits they are displaying are not valid for the City Of York. They are offering high priced cleaning items. If you have elderly/ vulnerable residents within your area please inform them not to engage with these people and not to open their doors to people they do not know. If your particular area is a no cold calling zone then would suggest that you contact Trading Standards and or City of York Council to highlight this activity. For all non emergency calls in relation to the above please ring 101 and report this to the Police. (Posted 19/11/17)

Letterbox Security Warning

North Yorkshire Police have been made aware of suspicious activity in relation to post being intercepted in external letterboxes. There have been a handful of calls in the county in relation to such incidents. Police are asking residents to be vigilant and report anything suspicious on 101.

Please consider the following when using external letterboxes:

• Ensure the letterbox is secure, and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Consider the location of the letterbox carefully, is it easily seen
• Don’t leave mail uncollected for long periods
• Consider using mail collection services, especially when you are going away for a period of time.

If you suspect your mail has been stolen, contact the sender immediately and Royal Mail.

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

Mobile Library - Use it or lose it!

Askham Bryan is lucky enough to benefit from the Mobile Library service. The Mobile Library provides a range of books for adults and children, including large print, audio books and language courses.
You can expect many of the same services that you would find in our other libraries, such as community information and children’s activities, for instance the Summer Reading Challenge. You can return books from other York libraries to the Mobile Library, get your York Card updated and request books.
The Mobile Library visits every fortnight on Thursday between 11.10 and 11.40 and parks near the pond, usually outside the church gates. Follow the link for the latest dates:
Visit us at:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

News by ABmail

Would you like to be kept better informed about what's going on in Askham Bryan?; receive reminders about events, activities? Well ABmail maybe just the ticket.

The ABmail service will provide information about issues and events affecting Askham Bryan. This will aim provide updates on events taking place in the village, along with any other issues we feel maybe of interest to residents. For example:

- Village events
- Neighbourhood Watch alerts
- News on proposals that may impact our community
- Updates and news from other Village Groups
- New information made available on the village website

To get receive ABmail emails you will need to sign up to the service, which you can do on the News by ABmail page.