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Superfast Broadband

Page Last Updated 19/05/17

May 2017 - Public Broadband Meeting

A public meeting was held in the village on 18 May 2017 at which Superfast West Yorkshire provided an update on when we will be able to access superfast broadband.

Below is a summary of what's happening. A pdf copy of the same can also be accessed by clicking here: Broadband Latest


Askham Bryan Broadband Update – May 2017

This update summarises the information provided by the Superfast West Yorkshire team (SFWY) at the public meeting in the Village Hall on 18 May 2017.

First - A few facts …

To help understand what changes are taking place and how you will be affected it is useful to understand why our current broadband is so poor.

The speed of your broadband connection is dependent on the length of the phone wire connecting your house to the Access Point. The Access Point is where your phone joins the main telephone network infrastructure. For us this Access Point is currently the Dringhouses exchange on Tadcaster Road, a wire length of over 7km.

Superfast Broadband uses new technology (VDSL) that allows the signal to leave the Access Point at far higher speeds; but there is a major drawback with this technology. This is the speed of the signal drops off significantly with distance. This means if you are more than 1.6km from the Access Point the loss of speed is such that you cannot access superfast speeds.

The Plan

For Askham Bryan to access superfast speeds we need a closer Access Point.

Superfast West Yorkshire have contracted BT OpenReach to install a two new Access Points in the village. One at the junction of Askham Richard Road and Askham Fields Lane, and one near the end of Askham Fieds Lane and Main Street (see map below).

This new work is being funded by public funds from Central Government and the EU through locally devolved funds as part of the national broadband access initiative. The money has already been allocated and the contract for the new Access Points signed.

The location of the new Access Points are determined by the location of the existing network of phone lines in the ground. The new Access Point must be somewhere on the main cable connecting the village to the exchange. As our main cable currently comes down Askham Fields Lane and then divides to different parts of the village the new Access Points are the closest they can be given this fact.

The new Access Point is planned to be completed by 31st December 2017. This means superfast speeds will be available from the date of completion.

SFWY and Openreach have so far installed 500 new access points across Yorkshire, most ahead of schedule, so the above date is reliable.

How will your speeds change?

It is important to point out households will have to subscribe to a superfast broadband service (ie BT Infinity, Sky Fibre) to be connected into to the new Access Point. If you do not sign up for a superfast service your broadband speed will not change and remain as it is now.

When you sign up for a superfast service your service provider will provide you with a new router as part of the service. This is because your current router will not work with the superfast VDSL signal. In most cases, you will have to pay more to access superfast broadband.

The new Access Point will have ‘open market access’. This means all service providers will have the option to offer a superfast service via this point (ie Virgin, Talktalk, Sky).

As mentioned earlier, the speed you can expect from superfast broadband will depend on the wire length between the new Access Point and your house. Phone wires are usually routed along the road. The map below has been marked with a 1 km line as a guide.

If you are within 1.6km wire length from the new access point you should receive speeds of 20mbps. The graphic below indicates typical speeds by distance from an Access Point.

BB Speeds with Distance
SFBB May 2017

Siting of New Access Points (click image to enlarge)


If you have any specific questions about the roll out that are not answered above please contact the Parish Council via the contact page and we will try to answer them.
We will provide any further updates here on the village website.

Ray Byrne
19 May 2017