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Welcome to the Askham Bryan website.

The aim of this website is to provide the residents of Askham Bryan with information about their community. It provides information on the activity of the Parish Council, St Nicholas' Church, village events as well as other information that should be of interest.

We also welcome your suggestions. If you think there's something further we could include. Please contact us via the 'contact us' page.

This website is funded and maintained by Askham Bryan Parish Council.

For the Latest Draft Minutes, please scroll down:

You will have received a leaflet like this over the last few days, if you are in need of help please ask, we are here for you. Please ask for help if you need it.

Dear Residents of Askham Bryan,
We are writing in connection with the recent developments around the COVID-19 outbreak and the latest guidance from the government on self -isolation and possible imposed isolation. We want to ensure that all members of our community have access to support; practically and pastorally as the situation unfolds.
We have the whole community behind this and we are all here for each other.
Please stay safe and support each other,

Rev Geoff Mumford
Vicar, St Nicholas Church, Askham Bryan
Andy Steele
Chair, Askham Bryan Parish Council

How do I get help?
Neighbours – your neighbour may have already made contact and offered to help you either in person or via a postcard through your door. If you need support, please contact your neighbour.

Village volunteers – you may not have a neighbour who is able to help you, but there is a team of people in the village who are willing to do so. Their numbers are included on the back of this page. Please pick up the phone and ask them for their help. This may be for shopping, errands or just to chat on the phone.

How do I offer help?
Postcards - complete a postcard and put it through a neighbour’s door or just tell them you are happy to help. There are some postcards available from the box outside the Village Hall.

Village Volunteers – We would love your help and know it will take a whole village to support our community. If you would like to help, please message a volunteer who is on the list overleaf and offer to do what you can.

Please remember not to put yourselves at risk in order to help someone else. Consider leaving things on doorsteps, using the phone, writing notes and always wash your hands.


Welcome to...

Draft Minutes:

Door to Door Cold Callers

The following message has been issued by North Yorkshire Community Messaging:

Cold Calling is on the rise in and around York. Groups of people are travelling into our area, claiming to be bona fide pedlars and are showing identification to claim this. The permits they are displaying are not valid for the City Of York. They are offering high priced cleaning items. If you have elderly/ vulnerable residents within your area please inform them not to engage with these people and not to open their doors to people they do not know. If your particular area is a no cold calling zone then would suggest that you contact Trading Standards and or City of York Council to highlight this activity. For all non emergency calls in relation to the above please ring 101 and report this to the Police. (Posted 19/11/17)

Letterbox Security Warning

North Yorkshire Police have been made aware of suspicious activity in relation to post being intercepted in external letterboxes. There have been a handful of calls in the county in relation to such incidents. Police are asking residents to be vigilant and report anything suspicious on 101.

Please consider the following when using external letterboxes:

• Ensure the letterbox is secure, and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Consider the location of the letterbox carefully, is it easily seen
• Don’t leave mail uncollected for long periods
• Consider using mail collection services, especially when you are going away for a period of time.

If you suspect your mail has been stolen, contact the sender immediately and Royal Mail.

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

Mobile Library - Use it or lose it!

Askham Bryan is lucky enough to benefit from the Mobile Library service. The Mobile Library provides a range of books for adults and children, including large print, audio books and language courses.
You can expect many of the same services that you would find in our other libraries, such as community information and children’s activities, for instance the Summer Reading Challenge. You can return books from other York libraries to the Mobile Library, get your York Card updated and request books.
The Mobile Library visits every fortnight on Thursday between 11.10 and 11.40 and parks near the pond, usually outside the church gates. Follow the link for the latest dates:
Visit us at:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

News by ABmail

Would you like to be kept better informed about what's going on in Askham Bryan?; receive reminders about events, activities? Well ABmail maybe just the ticket.

The ABmail service will provide information about issues and events affecting Askham Bryan. This will aim provide updates on events taking place in the village, along with any other issues we feel maybe of interest to residents. For example:

- Village events
- Neighbourhood Watch alerts
- News on proposals that may impact our community
- Updates and news from other Village Groups
- New information made available on the village website

To get receive ABmail emails you will need to sign up to the service, which you can do on the News by ABmail page.