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Latest Charity Meeting Minutes




Please note - these minutes are draft until ratified at the next Charity Meeting.



Latest Minutes Available: May 2020


Parish Charity Meetings are held immediately after each Parish Council Meeting. The Parish Council is the Trustee for the Charity.


Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity


MINUTES of a meeting of the Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity

held on Thursday 21st May 2020 by remote access immediately following the Parish Council meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th March 2020

It was resolved that the minutes of the Charity Meeting held on 19th March 2020 having been circulated, be approved and signed, all in favour.


Financial Report.

There was £9,451.91 in the Co-Op account following receipt of £382 quarterly ground rent. It was suggested that a budget be set along similar lines to that used by the Parish Council. There was about £8,500 invested with the CCLA. Steps to get the mandate changed on both accounts were ongoing.


Decisions taken since the March meeting whilst normal meeting were not possible due to the restrictions due the pandemic outbreak were noted.


The following decisions were noted;


As payments are no longer taken for the quiz it was agreed to provide the opportunity for donations to be made to fund the redevelopment of the Recreational Area (not the maintenance and general upkeep which are funded by the precept). As these are voluntary donations the giver can choose to Gift Aid their donation.

Agreement to using the online giving programme "just-giving" in lieu of donations normally taken as cash donations.

Agreement to set a "target" of £2500 for a specific project to begin the redevelopment of the recreation area from a play area. Just-giving requires a target figure to be entered and this can be changed but it was felt that it was a reasonable starting point.

That these decisions came into effect to allow for fundraising at the Quiz Nights from 16th April onwards.


It was reported that just-giving donations had reached £156.50. Due to the current pandemic restrictions, grant funding was not currently available.


Date of next meeting



The meeting closed at 7:50pm








18 June 2020