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PC Minutes

Please note - For the latest Draft Minutes please see Home page, these minutes are draft until endorsed at the next Council Meeting, when they have been endorsed they will appear here.

Latest Minutes Available: October 2019


MINUTES of an Extra-Ordinary meeting of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
held on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at 7pm at the Village Hall.

PRESENT: Councillor Andrew Steele (Chair)
Councillors Darryn Mitchell
Doreen Hopwood Kirsty Smahon Mark Walker Simon Peers

In attendance: Eleven residents, Ward Cllr. Anne Hook, the Clerk and the locum Clerk

1 APOLOGIES: Cllr. Smith.



Several residents spoke about the planning application for The Old School House, 3, Main Street. All expressed concerns on several issues including inaccuracies on the application form (including an inaccurate statement that it abutted rear gardens of neighbouring properties), concern about traffic and access during construction, effect on a shared access road, overlooking of an adjacent property, setting precedent, breach of Village Design Statement, the plot being too small for the proposals, subsequent alterations to the hallway and removal of hedge. There was concern that the notices about this application had been not been displayed where they could easily be seen. One resident quoted from the deeds of his property and there was a quote from a letter from North Yorkshire County Council regarding access rights. It was also noted that a public right of way would be affected by the construction of this property. It was noted that the plans did not show elevation measurements. The Chair advised those present to make their own objections voicing any concerns they had. The Parish Council (PC) would also be writing addressing valid material considerations.

There was also concern that there was an agenda item regarding co-option. Although a resolution had been passed at the previous meeting, there had been a complaint that due process had not been followed and following advice from the Yorkshire Local Councils Associations (YLCA), advice had been given to revisit this co-option as an agenda item.


Two candidates were considered, following a vote by show of hands, it was resolved that having received an absolute majority, Mark Walker be co-opted and duly signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

The Chair proposed that the Planning agenda item be considered next due to the level of interest in this item from those present, all in favour.


a.Planning Applications Received
19/01769/FUL Old School House, 3 Main Street
It was resolved that the PC objects to this application on the grounds that it was not in keeping with the conservation area status of the village and that it was not in keeping with the Village Design Statement, that it was infill and that there was loss of visual amenity to neighbouring properties, proposed Cllr. Mitchell, all in favour. Councillors were asked to forward their comments to the Clerk who would put together a PC response taking these comments into account.
b.Planning Decision Notices Received
The following decisions were noted
i.19/01952/TCA - Chapel House, 2 Chapel Lane – approved
ii.Manor Farm, 3 Main street – approved
iii.19/01345/FUL – Askham Bryan College – approved
iv.19/01316/FUL – 98 Main Street - approved


It was resolved that the minutes of the PC Meeting held on 19thJuly 2019 having been circulated, be approved and that the Chair be authorised to sign, proposed Cllr. Michell, seconded Cllr. Peers, all in favour.


Ward Cllr. Hook reported on her attendance at a planning course and on her meeting with senior planners and with conservation and planning enforcement officers. She reported on available funds, in particular ward committee funds for projects related to safety. She agreed to call in the application at 3 Main Strreet.


Reports for July, August and September were received noting that there were no crimes in the village during this period.


a)Approval of payment of invoices
It was resolved to accept the payments below presented by the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), proposed Cllr. Peers, all in favour.

YLCA Training courses - £603.00
Elliott Consultancy – Survey of trees in play area - £462.00
Clerk’s half year salary - £460.00
PAYE - £115.00

It was resolved to approve the above payments, proposed Cllr. Peers, seconded Cllr. Michell, all in favour.

Cllr. Peers requested that future reports show the amount of VAT charged. A retrospective approval would be considered at the following meeting.
b)Expenditure on repairs to ride-on mower
The mower had been repaired by the church. The need to consider a budget for future repairs or use of a contractor would be an agenda item next time. The Clerk would send Cllr. Smahon details of two professional grass cutting contractors.
c)Appointment of Internal Auditor
Consideration was given to using the YLCA audit service but there was insufficient information about likely costs. It was resolved to re-tender with the auditor previously used.
d)Reimbursement of Councillor Expenses for emergency goods for the play area.
Cllr. Smahon advised that she was not seeking reimbursement.
e)Approval of Council training provided by the YLCA.
It was resolved to accept the offer by the YLCA to come to the Parish to deliver in-house training at a cost of £210. It was decided to wait until the appointment of the new clerk before taking advantage of this offer.
f)Reimbursement of Councillor Expenses for purchase of printer ink
It was resolved to reimburse Cllr. Mitchell £40.03 for printer ink used, proposed Cllr. Smahon, seconded Cllr. Peers, all in favour. Cllr. Smahon was content to forgo the cost of emergency items purchased in respect of securing the play area.
g)Financial Summary
The balance as of 20th August 2019 was £24,135.74 including two grants from CYC for the play area totalling £22,000.


a)Code of Conduct – it was resolved that the PC adopt the Code of Conduct as circulated to all, proposed Cllr. Steele, seconded Cllr. Mitchell, all in favour.
b)Standing Orders – it was resolved that the PC adopt the Standing Orders as circulated to all subject to changes put forward by Cllr. Peers, namely, to replace “Business Days” with “Clear Days” throughout the document in the interests of consistency and clarity, to amend the restriction on use of electronic devices to allow recording of meetings and to allow Councillors to use electronic devices necessary for conduct of the meeting and to put a three minute time limit on those speaking during the public participation when necessary.
c)Schedule of Meetings – it was resolved that the PC moves to monthly meetings for the remainder of the Financial Year, all in favour.
d)E-mail Addresses – advice regarding use of personal e-mail addresses for PC business was noted, in particular that the Clerk should have a Parish specific e-mail address. The locum Clerk would set one up and advise the PC.
e)Recording of Council Meetings – this item as carried forward as an agenda item for a future meeting.
f)Website Compliance. Cllr. Mitchell now has access and can amend content as necessary. Steps will be taken to ensure that there is always someone on the PC with the necessary access.

a)To receive the minutes of the Open Spaces/Environmental Committee.
It was agreed to leave the Recreational Committee as a part of the full PC. A safety issue regarding the play area had been resolved. A RoSPA report was needed. An extra-ordinary meeting would be necessary to discuss the play area and quotes were needed.
b)To consider recommendations from the Open Spaces/Environmental Committee.
i.To clear and tidy the pond.
No action could be taken as the pond was full.
ii.Secure and pave seat area.
Quotes had been received but it was felt that the work could not be justified for the prices quoted.
iii.Budget for the Play Area
This was as carried forward as an agenda item for a future meeting.


Item 13 needed exclusion of press and public and therefore was taken after the item below.


1.Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th July 2019
It was resolved that the minutes of the Charity Meeting held on 19thJuly 2019 having been circulated, be approved and signed.
2.Financial Report.
The balance in the Co-Op bank was £8,254.22. Rent of £382.00 for October had been received that week. The new balance would be £8,636.22
3.Bank Mandate.
It was resolved that Cllrs. Peers and Walker be added to the bank mandate and that Cllr. Peers be added to the mandate for the account with Lloyds Bank.
4.Purchase of the Village Play Area.
Cllr. Michell had spoken to the solicitors that morning. There had been delays whilst the solicitors acting on behalf of those selling the land looked at the amendments. This would be considered further at an extra-ordinary meeting due to be called by the Chair which would also consider an investment account.

a)To Receive Retirement of The Clerk
It was noted that the Clerk would be retiring.
b)Exclusion of members of the press and public.
It was resolved to exclude members of the press and public by virtue of the Public (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the business being transacted being prejudicial to the public interest for agenda items 13(b) to 13(f).
c)Contract of Employment and final employment date.
The Clerk’s latest employment date would be Monday 8th October 2019. It was noted that a signed copy of her contract of employment had not been found.
d)Surrender of PC documentation
The Clerk had brought PC documentation with her and would hand this over to the Chair. She would retain documents necessary to complete the minutes and discharge final duties and make separate arrangements for these to be handed over.
e)Cheque Signatory - Clerk
It was noted that the Clerk was not a signatory on the account and therefore no action was needed in this regard.
f)Cheque Signatories – Council
It was noted that forthcoming banking rules will mean that everyone is a cheque signatory by virtue of being a Parish Councillor for Askham Bryan.
g)Interview Committee.
Cllr. Steele will take the lead on the Interview Committee with Cllr. Peers and Cllr. Smith if she was willing to be involved, otherwise the third member of the Interview Committee would be Cllr. Smahon.

21st November 2019, 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:10pm.

21 November 2019