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News by ABmail

If you would like to receive information about issues and events affecting Askham Bryan we now offer an ABmail email service. This will aim provide updates on events taking place in the village, along with any other issues of interest to residents. For example:


- Village events

- Neighbourhood Watch alerts

- Proposals that impact our community

- Updates and news from other Village Groups

- New information available on the village website


To get these emails you will need to sign up to the service. You can cancel the service at any time.


The aim will be to only send information we feel may be of interest.


To sign up to the ABmail service please click on the 'JOIN' button below and complete your details. This will ask you to create a username and password.


Your username and password will only be needed in future to access the survey facilty on the Village Poll page which can be used take soundings on community issues, as this page would need to be restricted to residents.


Once you have signed up for this service you can at cancel it at any time.


If you choose the JOIN option, at the end of the sign up process will be asked to respond to 3 questions. Sadly we are not able to avoid this step. This data used purely for reference purposes.


Finally you will be asked to validate an email that will be sent to you. To do this click on the link in the message you receive. This is to confirm you are the owner of the email address entered.