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Village Design Statement

A Village Design Statement (VDS) describes the distinctive character of a village and it's surrounding countryside and sets out design principles to demonstrate how local character can be protected and enhanced if there is to be any new development.


The statement is developed, researched, written and edited by local people. It involves a wide cross-section of the village community in its production and is representative of the village as a whole.


Once the VDS is approved as planning guidance it is used by the local planning authority, developers, architects and residents when considering all forms and scale of development.


A village design statement does not necessarily stop change from happening but can help to define features, whether buildings or landscape, that should be conserved. Where change is contemplated the VDS is a guide to help new buildings fit into the village.


The button below launches a copy of the Askham Bryan Village Design Statement (VDS).






The VDS is in pdf format so you will need a reader such as Adobe Reader to view this file, this can be downloaded free by clicking below.


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